Laserfiche Web Access gives users virtually all the functionality of the standard, installed Laserfiche interface, while allowing for consolidated management of resources and data, as well as remote or portable access.

This allows remote locations to capture documents closer to their point of origin, reducing the cost of paper handling and shipping. Operations are more streamlined and long-distance collaboration is made easier.

Should disaster strike, Laserfiche Web Access allows you to resume operations quickly and ensures operational continuity in the event staff must work remotely.

With Laserfiche Web Access :

  • Mobile devices can be used to access document.
  • Scanning, importing and organizing documents is easy and intuitive.
  • Metadata and mark ups can be added to each document.
  • Text contained in documents can be searched.
  • Documents can be previewed before opening them.
  • Customizable toolbars deliver your personalized interface to any location.

Making BYOD Easier and Safer

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  • Make it easier to implement a BYOD policy.
  • Deploy instantly enterprise-wide to simplify support.
  • Add users without installing any additional software.
  • Manage documents from a variety of Web browsers and operating systems.
  • Support distributed teams: retrieve, work with and create documents from anywhere.
  • Manage multi-site installations to control information assets.
  • Expand content access and promote participation in business processes.
  • Allows better decision-making, lower overhead costs, and increased efficiency enterprise-wide.
  • Relieves IT department of installation, maintenance and troubleshooting burdens.