Use Laserfiche with Workflow, Records Management, and Audit Trail to eliminate the bottlenecks and redundancies that are inherent to manual transaction processing. Authorized users have instant access to records and information. Access is secure as records are automatically routed step by step through the processes you define, making repeatable tasks consistent throughout your organization.

Minimize the time that it takes to prepare for an audit, and reduce the amount of time that auditors need to be at your site, with the use of security, metadata, and audit trails. Ensure that all important documents are kept up-to-date and that documents are destroyed or kept based on compliance rules.

Capture information from documents quickly and with a minimum of errors with the use of Quick Fields, Laserfiche Forms, and Laser App. Quick Fields will extract the text from computer-generated documents that are scanned and use that text to process and store documents as they're being scanned. Laserfiche Forms captures information from forms you create, increasing accuracy and speeding up the process of acquiring information from clients. The Laser App integration uses the data entered into forms to populate metadata fields in Laserfiche.

With Laserfiche, the process of receiving and processing documents from clients through to custodians can be automated, making the term "straight-through processing" a reality. Save time and process more documents with Laserfiche!



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Straight-Through Processing

With operational costs constantly on the rise, regulations that seem to always be changing, and pressures from the competition, RIA's, Independent Broker-Dealers, banks, savings and loan organizations, insurance companies, and other financial institutions have a need to simplify their processes and make them quicker. At the same time, they need to ensure they are meeting regulatory compliance.

The owners of financial service organizations are also striving to ensure that their investment of years of hard work and money is worth as much as possible when they're ready to retire and relax.