Don’t let paper make more work for you. Unlock the information contained on paper and make it work for you.

Laserfiche Quick Fields reduces the labor and costs associated with indexing and storing documents. It also minimizes data entry errors, making it quicker and easier to find information later. It automatically identifies and sorts documents, allowing for customized information-capture and handling for each type of document.

Laserfiche Quick Fields is designed for high-volume or high-data entry environments. It saves time by automatically extracting text stored on a document. It can be configured to clean up images, then read the text or barcodes off of specific areas of documents and use that text to name, store, and index documents.

With a scheduling add-on, Quick Fields can process documents around the clock or on a specified schedule without user intervention.

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data capture


  • Reduce labor-intensive, error-prone manual sorting and data entry.
  • Gain more control over capture processes with flexible configuration tools.
  • Integrate Laserfiche Quick Fields into existing business processes.