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  • Automated ticket submission
  • Ability to attach supporting documents
  • No more lost/misplaced charge tickets
  • Reduce data time, errors and omissions
  • Enable communication between billers and doctors
  • Receive payment faster
  • Internet connection not required
MOBILE CHARGE TICKETS enables you to shave days and weeks off of the billing and reimbursement cycle. It reduces the time needed to process tickets, removes mail and courier costs, reduces or eliminates data entry errors and missing information.

Paper charge tickets are riddled with inherent, unavoidable issues:
  • The billing process can’t start until tickets are delivered to the billing office. 
  • Vital information is locked up, making it necessary for billing staff to handle each ticket and manually extract the information needed to process each claim.
  • Processing the tickets is time-consuming and can be an error prone task.
  • Missing or unreadable information further delays claim submittal.
  • Lost or misplaced paper charge tickets reduce the amount of reimbursements you deserve.

Doctors use their iPhones or iPads to enter information into a charge ticket before and/or after each procedure. The charge ticket is transmitted to the billing office with the click of a button, and processing can begin immediately.

  • iPad and iPhone app
  • Simple presentation
  • Custom charge tickets with dynamic fields
  • Automatic encryption
  • Voice recognition-capable
  • Field validation
  • Quick and easy start and stop time entry
  • Integration with Active Directory
Ensure HIPAA compliance MOBILE CHARGE TICKETS enables HIPAA compliance by storing and transmitting all data in industry-standard encrypted format. Supporting documents, such as facesheets and anesthesia records, attached to tickets are also encrypted. Upon submitting the tickets, they are deleted from your mobile device.


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