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Medical Billing


By digitizing and automating the billing process with Laserfiche, ecoFILE can help you realize revenue quicker, decrease the number of denials, and provides an easier way for doctors and healthcare providers to submit their claims. This also provides management with the tools to determine when processes need to change, when additional staff training is necessary, and whether an increase in headcount is justified. 
Laserfiche ensures a set of consistent, streamlined processes and standards for managing content as it moves through your organization. It can bring benefits to departments across your organization, such as coding, billing, compliance, accounts receivable, human resources, etc.

With Laserfiche, you'll see improvements in collections times, a decrease in operating costs, better client services, and will be able to support HIPAA compliance with more ease.

Medical billing organizations, whether internal to a healthcare organization or external, receive large volumes of documents for all the incoming claims. Those organizations are responsible for ensuring that each claim is processed quickly and receives the highest return possible for each procedure.

But how can you minimize the amount of time it takes to process a claim and maximize the return if your team is bogged down by a paper-based billing process? Documents may sit on someone's desk for days while they're out of the office or their workload is too heavy. Forms may disappear, only to be found months or years later under a desk or at the back of drawer, never having been processed at all. Incomplete information may be sent to insurance companies, resulting in a return and resubmittal of paperwork.
On top of that, how does management keep track of employee performance, the claims processing rate, and the number of errors being made in the organization? Without accurate information, trying to locate and fix any areas of concern is difficult to say the least.