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Laserfiche has the ability to:
  • Manage information assets throughout their life cycle.
  • Align IT investments with your enterprise information strategy.
  • Accelerate shared business processes.
  • Capture, manage and archive information in any format.
  • Maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • Enhance enterprise-wide collaboration.
  • Retrieve records quickly with a federated search across multiple sources.
  • Display records in a Records Managers view, while displaying the same records in views tailored for general users.
  • Act as integrative middleware, connecting your line of business applications.
  • Automatically cleanup, process, classify, and file incoming content.
  • Facilitate BYOD with mobile device apps

Organizations are seeking ways to integrate the flow of information in their business. By integrating transactional data and document management, organizations are able to make better decisions, promote collaboration and simplify complex work processes.

Laserfiche can be quickly and easily deployed to establish and standardize information management throughout your entire enterprise. Individual business units and functional roles have the ability to customize the system to meet their needs. Organizations can choose to store all data within one location or compartmentalize it as needed.

Laserfiche's architecture includes document imaging, document management, business process management, and records management, making it possible to standardize on one ECM. With Laserfiche's additional, integrated modules, the system becomes even more powerful.


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