Laserfiche WebLink is a user-friendly public Web portal providing instant, read-only access to documents stored in the Laserfiche repository.  It can be configured for access by internal users, a set of external users, the public, or any combination of these.

WebLink allows organizations to share public information quickly and easily, saving staff time and minimizing duplication and distribution expenses, without excessive cost, configuration or programming

Balance Accessibility and Security

Laserfiche WebLinkallows the public to access your documents while preventing the altering, deleting or tampering of your documents.

System administrators retain complete control over which documents are available over the Web and which users and groups have access to which documents. Your organization’s sensitive information remains secure, while documents are available for viewing by authorized users.

View usage statistics for your WebLink site with the WebLink Reporting Utility, and make relevant documents searchable through third-party search engines. Expose folder content updates and search results through an RSS feed.

  • Reinforce governance, risk and compliance standards.
  • Support comprehensive risk management.
  • Balance flexibility and control with transparent records management.
  • Establish an overarching ECM infrastructure for the enterprise.
  • DoD 5015.2-certified
  • VERS compliant V2 certified

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Customizable Web portal