• Ensure accurate and secure data collection.
  • No programming necessary.
  • Design and modify forms without IT involvement - simply drag and drop-style form builder.
  • Forms can be interactive - with hidden fields and pages.
  • Accelerate business processes.
  • Increase ROI.

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Capture Data with Online Forms

Collecting information via paper-based forms is both labor intensive and error prone. Avoid data entry and the errors that come with it by using Laserfiche Forms to capture data electronically.

Forms can be setup to require that certain field be completed before submission. Fields can be pre-populated from primary applications, making the information more accurate than manual entry. With Laserfiche Forms, the user experience is enhanced, data integrity is increased, and data completeness in ensured. The information entered on forms is secure.

Laserfiche’s Web forms can be placed onto any page of your website so that they’re exactly where internal and external users would expect them to be. And processing of data can begin as soon as a form is submitted, minimizing the total processing time and cost.

Approval processes and task lists ensure that appropriate action is taken quickly once a form is submitted. And with Laserfiche Forms, it’s easy to securely store, organize and apply version control and records retention rules to all the information you collect.