Organizations in the justice system deal with sensitive and time-critical information. ecoFILE can help you get store, process, and access that information quickly.

ecoFILE helps banks, RIA's, broker-dealers, and credit unions automate and store their heavy load of paperwork and helps ensure regulatory compliance.
Financial Services

ecoFILE provides solutions that help our clients consolidate, integrate and organize their documents. Our services not only include the design and implementation of document management systems, but we also have the knowledge and ability to automate your business processes, giving your organization back valuable time spent on manually processing data. We help you continue to work the way you want to .... just faster!

We use only products that are best-in-class to create unique solutions for our clients. Our solutions allow our clients to do more with less.


From medical records, to billing, to accounting and more, ecoFILE helps healthcare organizations streamline their processes while ensuring HIPAA compliance.


While our solutions can be tailored for all industries, some of the areas we have  special knowledge and experience in are the financial services, healthcare, state and local government, and legal industries. We've also worked with organizations in the gaming and education industries.

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ecoFILE's solutions make government organizations more efficient, more effective and allow the creation of innovative solutions for a variety of needs.