ecoFILE can help speed up the routing process for incoming applications and their associated documents, making staff members more efficient in dealing with their specific tasks.

Resumes, applications, and other documents can be submitted online and stored in an electronic folder for the candidate with Laserfiche Forms. The hiring managers receive an automatic email generated by Laserfiche Workflow with a link to the electronic folder, which can be viewed from their desktop computers or mobile devices. Whether managers are interested or not, the folder is automatically routed on to the next appropriate step, which can include the start of a retention schedule, sending it to an interview queue, scanning additional documents into the folder, moving the folder to the Human Resources folder, and more. Quick Fields can be used to sort the documents in a new employee's folder into subfolder folders, minimizing the setup time.



The hiring process has a lot of different document types, all of which are moving between departments and other business processes. The flow of these documents is difficult to control, but is critical to finding and hiring the right people quickly.

Resumes, cover letters, job applications, writing samples and other content need to stay together and must be seen by many people. All hiring managers need a copy of the documents, which means many copies are made and delivered to the appropriate managers at the same time. That means you have to physically transport dozens or even hundreds of pieces of paper around the office or have them couriered to remote offices, which is very inefficient and has a price tag attached.

Once a candidate is hired, a folder has to be made to store the documents in and even more documents are generated and sent to the candidate. Then the candidate has to fill out all of the benefit forms, and probably much more.

Information from these forms is manually entered into various applications, which is not only time-consuming but can introduce errors. Human Resource departments need a quick, efficient way of managing the application and interview process and onboarding new hires.

HR Onboarding


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