The Challenges Faced

The staff at hospitals, medical groups, dental practices, and billing companies the ability to quickly access critical information. When that information isn't available or pieces of the information are missing, responsiveness and productivity are diminished. Patients may have to wait for information and billing cycles may be delayed. Back office staff have a variety of functions they need to maintain documents for, such as accounting, credentialing, facilities management, human resources, contracts and agreements, legal case files, and compliance records.

All of these functions come with a myriad of documents and processes, as well as with the need to comply to regulations such as HIPAA. The question is, how can the workload be reduced while ensuring compliance with regulations?

Let ecoFILE Help

ecoFILE's healthcare solutions have helped organizations speed up the storage and retrieval of critical information, reduced the amount of time needed to process documents, and have given management the ability to determine workloads in order to reallocate resources as necessary.

Our solutions are quick and easy to install and can be customized to work the way you work. They can integrate with your current business applications to tie information together and reduce the amount of data entry required. We've saved organizations hundreds of hours of manpower by digitizing and automating their current processes, while maintaining and increasing HIPAA compliance with a high degree of security.


  • Centralized patient information with no major changes to clinical workflow
  • Intuitive interface means very little training needed
  • Increased patient service by enabling immediate responses to patient requests
  • Ability to scan information directly into patient records for future accessibility
  • Instant access to EOB information, check copies, correspondence, and patient records
  • Comprehensive security
  • Audit tracking to demonstrate HIPAA compliance
  • Retention schedule automation with DoD 5015.2-certified records management
  • Integration with other business applications
  • Automatically send test results and other health information to other physicians
  • Can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud for low monthly fee
  • Role-based access rights and permissions
  • Streamline admissions with instant search and retrieval of patient records
  • Eliminates the need to store, copy, file, or transport paper documents
  • manual data entry minimized
  • Billing, accounts payable,credentialing and other processes can be automated and streamlined
  • Eliminates lost/misplace files

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