State & Local government

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The Challenges Faced

Government organizations are challenged with providing high quality services to the public, while on a small budget with few employees. To provide the type of service that's come to be expected, information that citizens are inquiring about needs to be readily at your fingertips. Processing and filing all of the incoming paperwork and forms is very time-consuming. Filing errors can be made and paperwork can be lost or misplaced. Data often needs to be entered manually, with the possibility of data entry errors. Medical and legal documents may need to be filed separately from a citizen's or employee's file. All of these challenges  take precious time from a personnel who are trying to keep up with the influx of paper.

Let ecoFILE Help

ecoFILE has the ability to increase efficiency in state and local government organizations. We have knowledge and experience in evaluating and automating current processes, creating online forms that can move through defined business processes, automating folder creation and document filing, as well as document and folder routing.

We help clients create custom folder structures that allow for quick and easy access to public information, increasing the level of service. The ability to search for and quickly locate documents, no matter where they're filed also allows for faster service. Integrating our solution with your current business applications can help save time and reduce errors caused by data entry.

Our solutions can be used for case management, HR onboarding, permit processing, agendas and minutes, contracts, blue prints, medical records, police records, and much more.


  • Maintain a single point of control over all records
  • Quickly access the information you need, when you need it
  • Automatically index, classify, and file incoming information
  • Granular, role-based security around folders, documents, and sections within documents
  • Integration with primary business applications
  • Enforce consistent records retention policies with DoD 5015.2-certified records management
  • Track and generate reports on all system activity
  • E-discovery is made easier with enterprise search capabilities
  • Provide easy-to-use web portals for the public
  • Automate easy and complex inter- and intra-departmental processes
  • Automate agenda creation
  • Connect with line-of-business applications and databases to retrieve information for indexing, filing, and processing
  • Intuitive interface enables quick adoption and minimal training
  • Easy to maintain, easy to roll out to new departments