Since we can't be experts at everything, ecoFILE has developed relationships with partners to provide complete solutions. Our partners have the same client-centric focus that we do, ensuring the best solutions and the best client-care.

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we're more than just a solution provider - we're your partner

Purchasing an ECM solution can be difficult and complicated – there are so many different solutions and vendors available. At ecoFILE, we're here to help you navigate through this process and provide you with a solution that's right for you.

We're not successful, if you're not successful. Don't take our word for it, hear what some of our clients have to say.


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ecoFILE is a company that is completely focused on solutions that help organizations capture information in the most efficient means possible, store and govern that information securely, and streamline processes related to that information. We are experts at providing solutions for each of our clients, and we excel at finding and creating custom, advanced business solutions.

Five years ago, most businesses we worked with were interested in ECM solutions primarily for their ability to scan and store their documents in a secure manner. Today, our clients look to us for much more than content storage and retrieval. They want to make their business processes faster, decrease the number of errors and rework, ensure consistency, and incorporate the data stored in their current business systems. With an ever-changing economic environment, organizations need to "do more with less", which could mean over-burdened staff. But why work harder, when you can work smarter?

At ecoFILE, each member of our staff is an expert at assessing each client's current state, listening to and uncovering their needs, and creating custom solutions that result in gained efficiencies throughout the organization. As your ECM partner, we continue to help you improve and streamline your processes, bringing new products and services to your attention as we recognize the need for them. Each product and service recommended will enhance your organization by increasing efficiency, enabling collaboration, decreasing errors, and/or enabling compliance.

Our motto is "We're not successful, if you're not successful."