With Laserfiche, cases can be created, updated, and shared by workers quickly and easily. Paper documents don't need to be carried around anymore, making the personal private information (PPI) stored in those documents much more secure. Documents from board and committe meetings, accounting documents, Human Resources documents and more can be stored, indexed and accessible only by those who should have access to them.

Time and money spent on tasks such as making copies, redacting PPI and public data request responses is mitigated with the use of Laserfiche. Cases can be created, reviewed and updated whether the case worker is on the road or at the office.

Case management is a time-consuming, paper-intensive process. Case management workers help acquire human services such as medical care, housing, income assistance, and more for those in need.

Managing cases in an effective manner requires a lot of documentation along with the myriad of meetings with those in need. Case managers always seem to have more case files than they can handle at a given time. Often, they find themselves collecting the same information multiple times. And when a single case file is needed by more than one case worker, it presents an additional challenge and bottleneck.

Finding enough time to work on each case so that each individual is given the best care at the best cost possible is an difficult goal to achieve.

Case Management


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