Straight-through processing
transparent records management

Maintain an effective and compliant DoD 5015.2-certified records environment creates, while meeting the needs of both Records Managers and general users.

Simplify and speed up  coding and billing processes to shorten your revenue collection cycle.

Gain instant access to client forms and records, ensure seamless and consistent,  transaction processing, reduce the costs of managing information and improve collaboration.

ecoFILE can help you automate your credentialing process, giving you faster turnaround time, decreased costs and improved security of protected.

Medical billing

Business Processes

Automate the creation, review and approval of contracts with Laserfiche to ensure consistency and adherence to important contractual dates.

Easily maintain case files, and find information in documents quickly and easily.

By automating the flow of resumes, cover letters,  applications, and other related documents, you can speed up the hiring process and save paper at the same time.

HR Onboarding
contract Management
Case management
Make the capture, processing, and review and approval cycle simpler and faster. An automated AP process results in less errors in data entry and more timely payments.
Accounts Payable
ecoFILE offers a powerful enterprise framework that adds value, increases productivity, and improves data governance across all lines of business.

We help get rid of siloed data by providing products and services to integrate your current applications.

We can help automate your business processes, such as A/P processing, billing, contract management, and more.
Making enterprise content management (ECM) a key foundational technology for every department in your organization is a 
ies—such as enterprise content management (ECM)—available to all offices, business units and departments is a practical method of reducing costs in many areas.
Standarding your ECM platform throughout your organization allows the IT department to support one product and to integrate that product with other applications with minimum costs.