Quick Fields, Laserfiche Forms, Workflow, Audit Trail, and the Laserfiche repository work together to give you a smooth, automated, and consistent process for each document created or received.  Processing time and data entry errors are reduced. Authorized staff have access to necessary information instantly - anytime, anywhere. Processes aren't hindered when signatures are needed by someone on a business trip.

Documents are captured with Quick Fields, which gets information needed for processing directly from the document itself. Laserfiche Forms allows for the submission of information and documents, with the ability to route the form directly to the right people for processing. Laserfiche Workflow routes documents through the approval process, linking them to other documents associated with the transaction for quick and easy review. Once the transaction is complete, the documents are automatically filed in their archive folder. Audit Trail keeps track of the activities that occur on each document, enabling you to analyze processes and prove compliance has been met.


Accounts Payable


To discuss your organization's needs, give us a call at 916-259-1847 (toll-free at 855-326-3453).


Purchase orders, invoices, checks, expense reports, receipts, and more....

Accounts Payable departments are inundated with paperwork. Manually processing each type of document is time-consuming. Early payment discounts are missed without anyone realizing it until it's too late. Late fees are incurred for late payments. Invoices are easy to lose or misplace, and keeping track of where they are in an approval cycle is difficult. Timely processing can be delayed with authorization is needed from a person who is out of the office.

To discuss your organization's needs, give us a call at 916-259-1847 (toll-free at 855-326-3453).